Eye of the Tempest

The storm calls the adventures to adventure!


The companions came together in the town of Mulmaster to meet with Zor Garwyl Gos at his seafood restaurant, the Grey Oyster. There was business to speak about amidst a week of unnaturally heavy storms in the area. Jorunn, true to her nature, made quite the scene when she destroyed the chandelier trying to get the hostesses’ attention. Zor Garwyl let the damage slide as he and his business partner Dornal Whitebeard set about explaining their plight to the adventurers.

Before much was able to be spoken about a commotion in the road caught everyone’s attention. The rushing flood waters had weakened the road and out of the ensuing pit came an Otyuagh, displaced from his home. The group quickly sprang to action with Drulin rushing around trying to save bystanders, Keyleth wasting no time flinging Eldritch blasts about and Uthal rushing into the pit to confront this monstrosity.

Drulin found some exceptional luck with the first two damsels in distress he tried to rescue. The rest of the group fended off swarms of centipedes also uprooted by the flood. Thalir found his arrows swatted about by the strong winds, but Sylbella, his panther, rushed about delivering critical strikes where needed.

Uthal struggled against both beast and bystander down in the treacherous pit and was finally joined by Jorunn after she grew tired of the bugs and babes. Cauter, hopeful to be able to minister to the young ladies, grew sad as they took their revelries to a more private venue than the middle of the street during a downpour.

Eventually the beasts were thwarted and in the rain the adventurers found their way to the House of Suffering where Zor Garwyl was going to meet Sister Lana of the Yellow Rose to discuss what she knew of these terrible storms bringing Mulmaster to it’s knees!


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